Camera Technology: What Is the Future of Photo Optics?

These days, cameras aren’t limited to simply one device anymore. You can find them in phones, in computers–even calculators! On top of that are the multitude of photo editing programs, album websites, and other developments. Keeping up with it all may be overwhelming. Here are a few ways to narrow down your search and stay on top of things.

1. Photo Editing Software: These days, if you want quality photo editing programs, you don’t have to shell out hundreds of dollars to snag a copy of Photoshop. Along with there being a wealth of open source programs you can download at absolutely no costs, these days there are even browser based editing applications that allow you to resize, brighten, sharpen, and more, all without even having to register. Many of these programs also allow you to send the finished product directly to your favorite photo sites, such as Flickr or Piasa.

2. Online Albums: If you’d like a secure, safe place to display your best work online, there are thousands of sites that allow you to do just that. However, sites such as Flickr are rapidly growing more advanced in a variety of ways, allowing you a wealth of new options. These pertain to how you edit and organize your photos as well as what you do with them–Flickr, for example, has an option to actually create cards and stickers from your creations. Flickr also hosts a thriving community of like-minded photographers, allowing you to join groups that cover your favorite subject materials.

3. Camera Phones: While hardly an adequate replacement for a well equipped digital camera, camera phones are rapidly becoming an item worth considering. You’ll find cameras that have features and programs such as auto stabilization, Smile Shot, Face Shot, Beauty Shot, and more. You’ll also discover that many cell phones have photo editing software as well, allowing you to brighten or sharpen your pictures before sending them directly to your favorite social networking site or online album. Hardware includes everything from Xenon flashes to simple LED lights. While hardly ideal for professional pursuits, having a good camera phone on hand can add a fun, sophisticated new edge to casual photography.

These are only a few of the amazing new strides in the future of camera technology. Learn more today about how these new features and more can make taking pictures an exciting new experience. You’ll be surprised at just how more streamlined, user friendly, and elegant the newest camera creations really are.